It’s All About The Wordplay

Have you ever noticed how a few little words can change everything?

It’s fascinating how every word in the English language is merely a combination of 26 little letters.

Those 26 little letters hold a lot of power. They can make you laugh, they can make you cry, make you throw things, or jump for joy. tumblr_mjh1273gDH1qh047do1_500

Word choice is key in my industry.

Everything we do is about the words we choose, and the ways in which we present them.

Some tips for better (and even impressive) word use:

Pick up a thesaurus: This may sound a bit medieval, but it can make a huge difference. Be careful though, you don’t want to abuse your thesaurus power. Ever read an email from someone who overused their thesaurus? It can be a bit awkward and convoluted.

Ditch the text shorthand: No one in the professional world cares if you were “LMAO” or wants to see smiley faces in their emails. The truth is, as a professional you are expected to speak like an adult. Save these shorthand expressions and smiley faces for your text messages.

Read new styles of writing: Check out what everyone else is saying and how they are saying it. You would be surprised at how much things change on a regular basis.

Pick a word of the day: Make it a point to learn a new word every day and try to incorporate it when appropriate, or stash it away for later use. This requires minimal effort and gives you a great chance to expand your vocabulary. (They even make “Word Of the Day” calendars!)

Above all, know the exact meaning of the words that you are using. Nothing sounds worse than someone trying to use large words that they obviously don’t know the meaning of.

Be smart about your word use and your audience. Choose words that will most effectively communicate your message and properly convey your meaning. Be aware of who you are speaking to at all times, and choose your words accordingly.

Brittany Bee

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