The NEW American Dream

50a7fcd93ad78e2a51a0b8214c1d1c7f--cute-shoes-make-me-smileNo, this isn’t an online Lularoe popup party, a message about Shakeology or an It-Works post. I’m not here to sell you anything at all.

You are welcome to exit the post at any time, just click that nifty little “x”. That’s it! Painless! No long-winded message trying to convince you why you need my product or service, and certainly no customer service call to a foreign country where you are placed on hold 6 different times. You’re here and you are the next caller.

While you’re here let’s take a second to talk about this new-fangled (online) American Dream.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not aimed at anyone in particular, it is a general PSA. If you feel offended, please click the “x” and be free. I respect and appreciate each and every one of my friends and readers. This post was not inspired by anything particular.

We see the posts every day. They clog up our Facebook feed and our inbox is flooded by that old friend from high school that you haven’t talked to in 6 years who just wanted to “reach out” or “tell you about this great new product” that will undoubtedly “change your life” (who knows, maybe it will).

Yes, for all of my R+F Consultants, Mary Kay Masterpieces, It-Works Entrepreneurs, Beachbody Coaches, Pampered Chefs, #BossBabes, and everyone else who is constantly having to check their inbox.

I’m here, I hear you LOUD and CLEAR and I support your right to the American Dream.

I will admit that the products are intriguing and the lifestyle is alluring. I, myself have benefitted from many of the products from the companies listed above (yeah, that’s right). For all of my friends who are out there making it work: cheers to you!

It is tough to put yourself out there and promote something. Trust me, blogging is similar in that regard. We are all just stepping outside our comfort zone hoping to make a small difference in the world. The avenue in which you choose to do so is entirely up to you.

We all need something to believe in. For some, it’s the tribe they associate with who share similar interests and a lifestyle. For others, it’s the products that have bettered their lives in one way or another. Sometimes, it’s having a comfy pair of leggings to slip into each morning and feeling great about the way you look. We all have to find our happy place.

We’re all just here trying to better ourselves and build better lives for ourselves and our (future) families. Keep on chasing that dream however you can.

This is a PSA: By all means, continue to fill up my feed if that’s what it takes. But PLEASE, respect my right to say no.  Although I truly appreciate the fact that you thought of me and cared enough to share your product or lifestyle with me, I might not always feel that it fits me or my life at that moment. I cannot count the times that I have had to embarrassingly explain to a friend that I simply cannot afford many of the auto-ship products every month (see the Broke Girl’s Guide here). Yes, you can break it down and equate it to a cup of coffee a day but trust me, I’d rather have the coffee. If you’ve seen me before coffee, you’d rather I have the coffee too.

Here are a few tips from the Advertising Major:

  1. Keep it classy. Again, I support your right to chase and have the American Dream. Just keep it classy and be respectful. Don’t follow me on Instagram or add me on Facebook just to sell to me.  Not only does that make me respect you a bit less, it drives me away from your products. Like I said, if you strongly believe in a product or service and think I’m a good fit, by all means, please reach out. If I feel the same way (and can afford it) I will support you.
  2. Be prepared for people to say no. Rejection is hard, but be prepared for it to happen. Again, this is where things tend to get awkward. You can plug your products all day long if that’s what drives your sales, but please know when to stop. People start to get uncomfortable after the second rebuttal. We appreciate your tenacity, but please respect the right for people to refuse.
  3. Know your audience. The research is out there, you just have to know where to find it. Many companies have tools like demographic assessments that can really help you hone in on the right people. Network as much as you can, when it is appropriate. Do you know a really kickass sales rep for your company? Ask them for some helpful tips and tricks or even just ask to have lunch.
  4. Gain the trust first. Meet and connect with people on a personal level before you sellIf people do not know you, they will not trust you. Chances are, if you haven’t spoken to someone in 3 years and you message them out of the blue, they will be suspicious and reserved. Or if you don’t know them but think they will be a good potential client, don’t just add them on Facebook to immediately start selling. People respect transparency and honesty. Have a real conversation.  Before you begin your sales spiel, ask yourself 3 questions (bonus points to those that already ask these):
    1. When was the last time I spoke to this person (if ever)?
    2. Do I know any personal details about this person? (Do you know where they went to school or how many cats they have? If the answer is no, get to know them.)
    3. Do my products/services fit this person and their lifestyle? If so, why?
  5. Celebrate your success. Once again, I completely support you and your right to chase the American Dream. If you’re doing something great with yourself and your life, please share your success. I will likely applaud, squeal, and be the first to congratulate you. Keep chasing whatever your passionate about. It is a fact that if you are genuinely excited about a cause or product, others are more likely to believe in it too. Again, the personal connection piece comes into play.

Famous last words. Thank you to all of my wonderful entreprenuer friends who chase their dreams and put themselves out there. This post was not aimed at any of my friends in particular, it was more of a PSA. You guys are great and I truly appreciate and support each one of you. Don’t stop doing what you love.

Stay excellent, my friends.

-Brittany Bee

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