The Wonderful World of Advertising

I’m in advertising.PastedGraphic-3

Yes, that’s right.

I’m soul-less scumbag convincing you to spend your hard-earned money on material items.

I’m the one slyly pressuring you to change your image and attain unrealistic things.

I’m the one forcing materialistic ideals into the minds of your children and sabotaging your value systems.


I’m not.

My life is a lot like Mad Men, just with a lot less drinking.

My job is to tell a story, that is all. As my employer’s website puts it, “we answer to only to our clients, and ourselves”.

Yes I know, we are all evil. We ruin the face of society.


We don’t.

We are the ones here to reassure you that what makes you happy is okay. Whether that source of happiness is a picnic with your family in your new SUV or a nice bottle of scotch, we’re the ones telling you that it’s okay.

We will engage you in a clever story, or bombard you with a montage of photos and a call to action. We will charm you with playful animation and win your heart with cute puppies and children. We are the storytellers.

What you buy is truly up to you, we just tell a story.

Brittany Bee

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