Caution: Real World is Closer Than It Appears!

It’s May, graduation is approaching fast and the sun has finally made an appearance in Oregon.

But then…

Panic sets in.

I’m an adult? What happened to my crayons, Lisa Frank binders, and recess?!

College has sped away all too fast. Just yesterday I was wandering around lost, campus map in hand.

I can still feel the four flights of stairs to get to my dorm room.

Honestly, it’s a bit frightening to say that I am an adult and that my academic “free ride” is coming to an end. Entering the workforce is something all college grads worry about. But don’t fret, form a plan.

So what do I do?

Image courtesy of Google
Image courtesy of Google

Much like when I was a freshman it’s time to pull out that life map and pick a direction.

That’s what college was for right? Picking a direction for you life.

Picking a direction can be a horrifying process, after all we’re just kids, right?  However, like in Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland, you can ask for directions but no one can make that decision for you.

Something else to consider: picking a direction does not mean permanence. As usual, it is truly up to you to decide where you go and if you want to stay. Wandering is not a bad thing, so long as it has a purpose.

Life can take you a lot of wonderful places if you choose the right road. Fear not though, this is not an Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail decision.

What is important to remember is that each direction you take will teach you something. It is up to you what lessons you take from your adventures.

So go forth confidently and pick a direction.

Brittany Bee

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