So that was college, huh?

As I drove the 45 minute stretch of I-5 to my job in Portland this morning it dawned on me…

I just finished college.

Whoa, what?

The last four years have gone sped by far too quickly.

I have made so many memories and am amazed that I am alive to tell some of the stories.

In my last post I thanked some very important people and shared a bit of my journey at the U of O.

So here I sit, I have all but crossed that stage and held my diploma.

College, I leave you with this…

U of O, you have given me some lessons, memories, and people that I will never forget. So as I pack all of that into the trunk of my car and drive off to the “real world”, I thank you.

I raise my glass to you, Class of 2013.  Here’s to us!

Brittany Bee

DISCLAIMER: Warning! Video may contain explicit lyrics.

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