Superhero Status

Work: this is a daily thing for most of us now.

Today my twelve year old sister was texting me while she was at home doing her chores.

At twelve, she tends to forget that I have a job, and asked me what I was doing.

I responded, telling her that I was working.

She then asked what I was working on.

I let her know that I was working on a project for a client and let her know who my client was.419+oOx8R-L

She responded with “WOW! That’s so COOL :)! That’s some serious stuff”.

I love my job, but sometimes I forget that this really is “serious stuff”.

To me, these projects are an everyday thing.  To my twelve year old sister, this elevates me to Wonder Woman status.

22 and still cool: My sister gave me an important reminder, that even our daily work can make us “cool” to somebody.

When we were teenagers, being “cool” was of the utmost importance.

It’s nice to be reminded that even after we are “old” we can still be “cool” too.

Being someone to be proud of: This is among the most difficult things in life. We all want to be someone that others value and uphold.

Being a big sister has taught me a lot, I am a role model.

It’s one thing to be proud of someone younger than you, but it’s a whole new level of “warm fuzzies” when someone younger is proud of you and wants to be like you.

So in closure, you can be “old” and “cool”, and that even something that you consider to be ordinary can make you extraordinary to someone else.

Go forth, and be extraordinary today!

Brittany Bee

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