Storage Space S.O.S.

Help! I have been swallowed by the back cubicle!

We all have that one storage space in our office that is the equivalent of a black hole.

If you have misplaced something, chances are it will magically reappear there.

But why does that area have to be such a hazard?

We all need storage space. It is a known fact that offices collect a lot of random items, especially in the advertising industry. From client gifts, to presentation boards, and even a cornhole game set, things tend to accumulate in a concentrated area.

Then BOOM… it explodes and no one really knows what is back there anymore. clutter9

As the intern, I have decided to Hazmat suit up and venture off into the black hole that is the back cubicle.

First and foremost: It’s all about organization. Organizing a storage space can be a bit like real-life Tetris. Just be careful that you aren’t smashed in the process.

Second: Prioritize.  What will you be removing most often? Stack it near the front.
Sorry guys, but that cornhole set might have to stay in the back.

Third: Don’t be a packrat! Unless you want you office to end up on an episode of hoarders, it might be time to get rid of a few things. Be sure to ask your superiors before tossing anything that might be important. It’s better to ask questions than to be jobless.

Fourth: Dispose of things properly. You never know if that calendar from 2001 contains confidential information, so be sure to check. If there are a lot of confidential items that need disposal, there are plenty of places that will dispose of them for you at a decent rate.

These are simple things that can make that space so much easier to manage.

With that, off I go back into the black hole.

Brittany Bee

P.S. Please feed my dog if I am not found in a few days.

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