Breaking Bad and Business

After surviving the organization of the dreaded back cubicle I retreated to my house after Netflix announced the availability of the 5th season of AMC’s hit show, Breaking Bad.

At first, I wasn’t sure what exactly was so intriguing about this show.

Just your average high school chemistry teacher, turned drug lord/kingpin.Breaking-Bad_Wallpaper-8

However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that Walter White was a business genius.

Walter goes from your average high school teacher salary to making millions in a short period of time.Now there’s something to aspire to.

Please note that I am not encouraging anyone to begin cooking meth or joining the drug business.  I am merely suggesting that we can all learn a few things from Walter White.

First: Walter does not take no for an answer.

This is displayed multiple times throughout the duration of the show. It begins with the intimidation of Tuco, and continues as Walter refuses to stop cooking.

Second: Walter is not afraid to do things himself.

After Jesse fails to deliver the product to Gus, Walter takes matters into his own hands, missing his daughter’s birth. Now, this may not sound like a good family quality to have. Walter chooses to provide for his family, and in making that difficult decision he misses an irreplaceable moment. Take this as you will.

Third: Walter protects his partner at all costs.

Granted, Jesse has his moments where we would all love to kick him.  Walter sees Jesse’s value as a person and as a partner. Despite Jesse’s lesser moments, Walter does not desert him. Protecting and standing by those you work with is extremely important and makes your business stronger.

Fourth: Walter eliminates the competition.

Walter knows that his business is dangerous and in order to stay alive he is going to have to eliminate some of his opponents. Now, we need to realize that this is a television show and we don’t need to be as extreme in our practices, but Walter makes a good point. By eliminating the competition in one way or another, Walter makes himself invaluable.

Fifth: Walter keeps moving.

When we stand still, or let things stand in our way we might lose out on important opportunities. Despite his struggles, and even being tied to a radiator, Walter pushes on. He has transformed from a meek teacher to a relentless businessman. He has his goals and will stop at nothing to achieve them. Have goals and push forward, despite obstacles. Just be careful who you step on to get there.

Brittany Bee


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