Happily (?) Ever After

Disney is has coined the term “happily ever after”.

I grew up as many girls do in the United States, living in a world of my own supplemented by the Disney fairy tales.

"Snow White" by Dina Goldstein
“Snow White” by Dina Goldstein

As a child, I took Disney’s stories to be the indisputable truth as well as the norm. I had no idea what could have been going on behind the scenes, but few children do.

The reality is, that “happily ever after” might not be exactly what you dreamed up as a child.

Dina Goldstein, takes this thought a bit further in her photo series “Fallen Princesses“.

Goldstein’s photos remove the Disney princesses from their idealistic pedestals and place them in common, yet undesirable situations.

By taking the desirable and making it conventional, Goldstein challenges the fairytale norm.

Today, Goldstein makes my point for me with her photo series.

Whether you like these photos or not, I guarantee that they caused a reaction.

As artists we are encouraged to do something that inspires, that is unique.

We are told to captivate people, to cause a reaction.

To get people talking, you are going to have to push beyond the norm.

Your best work lives beyond the conventional.

Brittany Bee

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