Stop Settling

How do we create something exceptional? As I browse through the countless projects on my computer, I can easily see a subtle progression of both skill and thought. We all have to start somewhere. The jumping off point is generally the hardest to reach. We wait for hours, days, or often weeks waiting for inspiration […]

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Happily (?) Ever After

Disney is has coined the term “happily ever after”. I grew up as many girls do in the United States, living in a world of my own supplemented by the Disney fairy tales. As a child, I took Disney’s stories to be the indisputable truth as well as the norm. I had no idea what […]

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Go Forth and Create!

I am a classic over-thinker. A perfectionist to the core, I analyze the details down to the smallest component imaginable. I have known this fact for years, and it is one of my biggest flaws. Every day is a new battle with my obsession with details. Now, I’m not saying being detail-oriented is a bad […]

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