Stop Settling

How do we create something exceptional?

As I browse through the countless projects on my computer, I can easily see a subtle progression of both skill and thought.

We all have to start somewhere. The jumping off point is generally the hardest to reach. We wait for hours, days, or often weeks waiting for inspiration to strike. tumblr_msykubaWWv1qjm9bpo1_500

Scratch paper, frustration, and countless cups of coffee later we almost give up.

At that final moment of despair, it strikes like lightning.

By the time inspiration strikes, you have probably accumulated a small mountain of “trash bin” ideas and have dried out five different sharpies.

What can we learn from those “trash bin” ideas?

Sure, they might have been good… but were any of them great?

We have to learn to say no to those first five..ten…maybe fifteen ideas until we create something truly exceptional.

Killing your darlings isn’t easy. It’s never easy to say “no” to a good idea. Saying “no” is still painful, even after years of practice.

Yes it “could have been”, but that doesn’t mean that it “should have been”.

Strive for greatness. Putting your best work out will make you stand out. Create something to be proud of.

-Brittany Bee

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