The Pressure’s On!

Here’s a nifty little fact, everyone has expectations.

Expectations mean pressure.11209_545855488781594_1853789653_n

The type of pressure varies from situation to situation, but gives that same uncomfortable feeling.

At my work I have noticed a few different types of people in high-pressure situations.

Leaders: Everyone circle the wagons, these people are taking charge. These are the people who race back to their desk and formulate a plan for immediate execution. They are meticulously organized, and will make sure things get done. Leaders thrive under pressure, taking every opportunity to excel at the task at hand.

Managers: This group is caught somewhere between Leader and Worker Bee. They are responsible, but not quite as forward as the Leaders. Do not be fooled though, this group can step up and take charge (should the occasion arise). These are generally the people you report to, instead of directly communicating with the leader. These people are crucial to resolving a crisis.

Worker Bees: As ensured by their name, the worker bees will follow their leader anywhere. This group follows the direction of the leader to the “T” and lays the groundwork for the solution. The worker bees are dedicated and loyal, sometimes working long hours in times of need.

Easy Riders: Just chill out and take it easy. This group will lay low and let the storm pass, while still doing their part to help. Keeping calm and logically dissecting the situation is key for this group. Although this group might appear to have checked out, they are merely working in the background. This group often handles situations before they can come to the leader’s attention.

Another fact: there are moments of crisis/panic at every job. Despite perfect planning, things can still go awry.

Know your type, along with the types of your coworkers and proceed.

Brittany Bee

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