Packing Panic (?)

Things change quickly. Sometimes more quickly than we can process immediately.say-yes

Here’s a fun fact for you: 96 hours ago I wasn’t moving.

96 hours ago, I was sitting on a stool, reading a book.

Then the phone rang.

In ten minutes on my phone, it was decided that I’m moving. So here I sit, packing my bags and moving 8.5 hours from my entire family, and everything I have ever known.

In my last post, I reminded you that life after college is an adventure.

I guess this is the beginning of mine.

Just say yes. Chances are, after college, you can’t afford to say no. Any opportunity could be a great one, even if it’s just a stepping stone on your journey. You have to start somewhere.

Move forward. Can’t move up the ladder at your current job?  Take opportunities for upward mobility, you never know where you could go with another company.

Stop feeling guilty. I grew up in a Catholic family, we felt guilty for feeling guilty. Naturally, I felt horrible turning in my two weeks’ notice and letter of resignation. This guilt was curtailed by my boss, who reminded me that this is an incredible opportunity for me and that I should go without guilt.

Keep those contacts. The ad agency life is all about contacts, who you know and how you can work together. Keeping this in mind, I let my coworkers know I was leaving next week. They all wished me the best wholeheartedly and a few even offered to write me letters of recommendation.

Good luck on your journey, and I will keep you updated on mine!

Brittany Bee

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