It’s the Little Things

Being the new person in the office is never fun, and often times can be rather intimidating.

We just hired a new PR Specialist in my office and as usual she is going through her process of adjusting to the quirks and daily shuffles of our office.

Remembering what it was like to be new in the office, I immediately made it my job to reach out to her and make her feel comfortable.

I like people, it’s really no secret.

I want to hear the stories about the run you had this morning where you almost stepped on the homeless man, or your insane obsession over the Harry Potter series (all hail J.K. Rowling).

Since she is located near our copy area (where I seem to often reside), it was easy to strike up a conversation with her.

During our conversation I discovered that she and I enjoyed many of the same things, including a love for elephants. Since she is new and just moving into her office, I noticed that she was lacking decorations. -1

To the internet! 

After scouring the internet for all of the cutest baby elephant pictures I settled on an awesome office-related meme.

I then printed it and handed it to her, explaining that she needed some decorations in her office.

She was ecstatic. She immediately tacked it to her wall and thanked me with a huge smile.

Reaching out to your coworkers is not as difficult as you may think. It can be as simple as printing a picture, or asking them out for a cup of coffee.

Making connections with your coworkers can make all the difference in the office.

It is a proven fact that when people are comfortable and happy, they work better.

Eliminating the office “weirdness” can help you function better as a team and open the lines of communication.

By opening those lines of communication you let people know that they can rely on you and makes the delegation of tasks in times of need much smoother.

Put yourself out there today, ask a coworker to grab lunch, or a cup of coffee.

-Brittany Bee

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