Being Different

Remember your first college class?

It’s the same drill every time: name, major, something interesting about yourself.

So let me guess,  your name is _____. Your major is (probably business), and you like sports?

Prepare to be lost in the crowd of classmates.

The sad fact is, this happens to far too many of us.

So. How do you change that?

Think hard.  There has got to be something at least somewhat interesting about you. Remember that time you read the entire Harry Potter series in 24 hours? Yeah, that’s interesting.

Still nothing? Let’s begin.

Become involved. It’s time to crawl out of that cave that you call an apartment and make some friends. Try an odd hobby,

Didn't believe me, did you?
Didn’t believe me, did you?

or join a new club.

Go places. Strap on your backpack and venture out. Believe it or not, life exists beyond your doormat. Take a trip, move

around, study abroad.

Be uncomfortable. Stretch out beyond your comfort zone, try something new. You might actually enjoy it.

So, what’s my introductory  line?

Hi, my name is Brittany. I just graduated from the University of Oregon with a BA  in Advertising. I am a staff member of 3 renaissance faires in two states and am the proud owner of a 200 lb dog.

Perhaps that wasn’t interesting enough for you, but it probably raised some questions.

Don’t be afraid of being different. Being interesting not only sets you apart from the crowd, but it also makes great conversation starters.

Brittany Bee

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