Creating a Culture of Connection

I am an absurdly busy person. It’s no secret that I spend most of my “free time” (away from work) moonlighting. Most often, I create my own stress. I am deadline driven, and detail oriented. In the midst of my stress-induced illness, I was often asked why I “bother” to do any of this “extra” […]

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On Saying “No”

“No” seems to be the first word for many children, but as we grow older the use seems to dissipate. As previously mentioned, I am an ENFJ with protagonist tendencies. My Strenghtsfinder test revealed multiple strengths in the Executing category as well. Two of my strengths are Achiever and Responsibility. For reference: Achiever: People strong […]

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Straight Up Stumped

As creatives, we feel it is our duty to make things constantly. We tinker, revise, and build. In school they remind us that our process should be free flowing and unique to us. But what happens when that process stops and it feels like all of your good ideas have forsaken you? If you’re anything […]

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The NEW American Dream

No, this isn’t an online Lularoe popup party, a message about Shakeology or an It-Works post. I’m not here to sell you anything at all. You are welcome to exit the post at any time, just click that nifty little “x”. That’s it! Painless! No long-winded message trying to convince you why you need my […]

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Being Interesting

As a generation, Millennials are constantly reminded that we need to be different. In my earlier post, I talked about what makes me different. But this begs the question, does this make me interesting?  As kids, we were told to go to college and that this would help us stand out in the workplace. Unfortunately, […]

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