Being Interesting

As a generation, Millennials are constantly reminded that we need to be different. In my earlier post, I talked about what makes me different. But this begs the question, does this make me interesting?  As kids, we were told to go to college and that this would help us stand out in the workplace. Unfortunately, […]

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License to “Adult”

Have you ever looked for an adult in an uncomfortable situation? Guess what, you’re the adult now.  My apologies to the 12 year old version of myself, being an adult is no walk in the park. Can you do your taxes or change a flat tire? What about when the electrical outlet catches on fire […]

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Attitude of Gratitude

Perhaps it’s my age speaking here, but I always keep stacks of blank thank you cards in my desk drawer at home. From a young age, my mother taught me the importance of thank you notes. If I was given a gift and did not have a chance to verbally thank the person, I was […]

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By the Light of the Moon

As a rule of thumb, I tend to be absurdly busy. I am the kind of person who plans their calendar weeks in advance. So, it is no surprise that the question is often raised as how I function on a daily basis and more importantly, how (and why) I balance all of the “extras” […]

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Do Something That Matters

It seems like we (as a culture) talk a lot about “making our mark” on the world around us. In essence, we desire to leave a legacy, something that make us feel significant. With all this talk about significance and the future, what defines “making our mark”? How do we leave our legacy? How do […]

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To My Two Best Guys

We’re going to get a little personal here. This might be uncomfortable for some of you to read. Either way, it must be said. My whole life, I’ve heard many arguments (both ways) about what a father really is. For some, it’s the biological relation to the child. For others, it’s the investment in the […]

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Meet My Mastiff

Do you enjoy long naps on the couch, short walks to the fridge, and using every sheet on the lint roller? He’s tall, dark, handsome, and fluffy. Meet my 3 year old English Mastiff: Aslan. *For those of you that don’t know: Aslan (Ahz-LAHN) is a character in C. S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia […]

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