Grammar Matters

This video has become insanely popular lately. While most think it is merely comical, I applaud Weird-Al for finally saying what most of us were thinking. I am a “Grammar Nazi”. I am the girl with the bright red pen waiting to correct errors on your resumes. I am the girl pulling out her hair […]

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Personality Problems

You apply for a new job, your résumé is polished and sent off.  After hours of sweating, you receive a call back and set up an interview. But wait, don’t forget the personality test! (WHAT?!) Heart pounding, you begin the questions. “Base your answers on instinct,” it instructs. “INSTINCT,” your brain recites. “What’s that again?” […]

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Adventure Happens

So I wanted an adventure… a change of scenery… a fresh start. I took a chance and sped off 400 miles away from my comfort zone. With my goals in mind, and dreams in hand; I drove on. But I forgot… This is an adventure.  All the best planning in the world can’t stop adventure. […]

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Stop Settling

How do we create something exceptional? As I browse through the countless projects on my computer, I can easily see a subtle progression of both skill and thought. We all have to start somewhere. The jumping off point is generally the hardest to reach. We wait for hours, days, or often weeks waiting for inspiration […]

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The Pressure’s On!

Here’s a nifty little fact, everyone has expectations. Expectations mean pressure. The type of pressure varies from situation to situation, but gives that same uncomfortable feeling. At my work I have noticed a few different types of people in high-pressure situations. Leaders: Everyone circle the wagons, these people are taking charge. These are the people […]

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Packing Panic (?)

Things change quickly. Sometimes more quickly than we can process immediately. Here’s a fun fact for you: 96 hours ago I wasn’t moving. 96 hours ago, I was sitting on a stool, reading a book. Then the phone rang. In ten minutes on my phone, it was decided that I’m moving. So here I sit, […]

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Post-Graduation Confusion

Feeling lost? Insecure, perhaps? As I packed my little bag of tools, lessons, contacts, and dreams after graduation; I ventured into the unknown. I know what you’re thinking. How can you be in the unknown? You have an internship. You have a future. You would be correct, my friend (to an extent). I do have […]

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“Send” Button Anxiety

You click the “send” button. Suddenly your temperature spikes and there is a butterfly riot in your stomach. Anxiety. We all know that feeling. I recently sent off a couple of emails, in hopes of getting an interview. I know what you’re thinking, that doesn’t sound so bad…right? A few things I have learned from […]

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Being Different

Remember your first college class? It’s the same drill every time: name, major, something interesting about yourself. So let me guess,  your name is _____. Your major is (probably business), and you like sports? Prepare to be lost in the crowd of classmates. The sad fact is, this happens to far too many of us. […]

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It’s the Little Things

Being the new person in the office is never fun, and often times can be rather intimidating. We just hired a new PR Specialist in my office and as usual she is going through her process of adjusting to the quirks and daily shuffles of our office. Remembering what it was like to be new […]

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